"Trish J MacGregor creates imaginative worlds where neither beasts, ghosts nor humans are as they seem to be, where anything and anyone can change in a flash, where love is still worth saving, and where the most courageous act of all is simply holding on to your humanity."

                                        - Nancy Pickard, NYT bestselling author of The Scent of Rain and Lightning

The Synopsis:

Tess Livingston and Ian Ritter have been living in the city of Esperanza for years, along with Tess's niece, Maddie, and her partner,  Nick Sanchez. They thought they could rest, that they had defeated the brujo threat to our plane of existence. But they were wrong.

A new and greater threat has formed, a new tribe of the hungry dead, seeking to possess the bodies of the living in order to experience the passions of physical life. This new tribe has found the door to the physical plane that is Esperanza, and they threaten all human life. Only the outnumbered Light Chasers and their human allies an stand against the evil brujos.

From the inside cover:

When Tess Livingston got off a bus at a roadside stop high in the Andes, she couldn’t quite remember how she got there. She was an FBI agent, and the last thing she remembered was tracing a group of counterfeiters to Ecuador.  Then she found herself at the Bodega del Cielo, waiting for a bus to Esperanza, or at least that’s where her ticket says she’s going.


Ian Ritter, a journalist from Minneapolis, is also at the Bodega. He was planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands, but his limited Spanish isn’t up to explaining why he needs to change to Bus 13 to Esperanza.


Their meeting changed their lives forever.


For the city of Esperanza is a place out of time, partly in the material world, and partly existing on another level of existence. There, the spiritual world can manifest. The dead can come through…and they do.  A few of the dead are Chasers, beings of light who have deferred their passage to a higher plane in order to help and protect the living. But many of the dead are brujos, hungry ghosts who cannot let go, who desire only to possess the bodies of the living so they can reclaim their own physical existence in the world. Brujos often kill those they possess.


Tess and Ian and their families have made a good life together in Esperanza. They age much more slowly here, are remarkably healthy, and have no desire to ever leave. But now something unusual, even for Esperanza, is happening. Parts of the city seem to be leaving them, simply disappearing.


An excerpt from chapter 1