Welcome to T.J. MacGregor's page. My newest novel, Skin Shifters, is now available from Amazon for pre-orders. $4.99 for the ebook, with print and audio to follow. It will be available on October 23, 2018. It takes places on Tango Key and in Cuba, where we traveled in February 2017.

The shocking discovery of an amphibious alien body on the island of Tango Key, Florida, ultimately reveals that a planetary alien invasion is underway.

Luke Pierce, who works for Omega, a privately funded UFO research organization, is determined this body won’t be whisked away by government authorities who then will deny its existence. So he and Josh McMullen, the lighthouse keeper who found the body, decide to hide it. Luke hires Sofia Lopez, a psychic who used to work for Omega, to read the body and find out as much as she can about the alien. But during the reading, a transfiguration occurs - the alien’s foot turns human and Sofia’s foot becomes webbed.

By the time they realize the alien isn’t dead, just badly injured, it has escaped and triggered a slew of inexplicable phenomena - missing time, telekinetic incidents, skewed perceptions, and the morphing of Sofia’s hands, a webbing that appears and disappears. They are joined by the pilot who saw the alien’s craft crash into the gulf, by a neurologist whose two children were morphed by amphibious aliens, and by George Dylan, a former government agent whose son was killed during an abduction.

Pitted against mounting odds, they must defend themselves against the alien race, which is now morphing thousands of humans, essentially stealing their bodies and identities. Can they be defeated? What’s their weakness? Will their annihilation free Sofia and the others?

In 2016, U R Mine was published by Crossroad Press.

A serial killer is stalking blondes in the central Florida city of Oxford and his MO is eerily consistent. On a new or full moon, he sends his target a stalker letter that implies he has been watching her, that he knows her schedule, that she is his. Two weeks later, on a new or full moon, the woman becomes his “lunar kill,” a sacrifice to the Roman goddess Diana that satisfies the dark urge that drives him.

When 27-year-old Laurie Brautigan, a blonde artist and dog walker, receives a stalker letter on the day of a new moon, she initially thinks it’s a cruel joke perpetrated by someone she knows. But Detective Nick Finley, who has been investigating these murders for months, convinces her otherwise, and Laurie’s life is turned inside out by terror and suspicion.

What the killer doesn’t know is that both Laurie and Nick possess rare talents that they struggle to keep secret. She’s a psychic whose specialty is animal communication and Nick, the son of two mediums, talks to the dead. When Laurie reads the only witness to the murders, a dog that belonged to one of the victims, the dead begin talking to Nick. Racing against time to find the killer before the full moon, the very talents Laurie and Nick have tried to keep secret not only draw them together, but become their greatest allies.

Earlier novels

These books were published under my maiden name, Trish Janeshutz, and also  as Alison Drake. Excerpts of these books are available here, under the masthead.  There's a complete list of books toward the end of the page.

In Shadow, my first novel, is now an ebook, available at Amazon.

 Here's an excerpt.

Over the years, I've written under several names. T.J. MacGregor is one of them.  She was born in 1987, at Ballantine Books.  At that point, I had written two novels for Ballantine, both under my maiden name, Trish Janeshutz. Yes, that last name is a mouthful. And, as it turned out, people at Ballantine had trouble with it. My editor at the time, a wonderful guy named Chris Cox, said that none of the sales reps or the bookstore people could figure out how to pronounce the name, spell it, and where was it supposed to be shelved? Did it go under J or S for Shutz?  Was Jane my middle name? So when I turned in my third book, Dark Fields, the beginning of a series, Susan Peterson, then head of the company, told Chris I needed to use a different name, preferably something with initials because mysteries by men or androgynous people (!) were outselling mysteries by women. I was married by then, so became TJ MacGregor.

Dark Fields featured Quin St. James and Mike McCleary, private detectives who plied their trade in the dark underbelly of Miami in the late 1980s. The ten books in the series followed Quin and Mike through the ups and downs of their relationship - marriage, Quin's pregnancy, assassins, bad guys, infidelity, and, in Mistress of the Bones, Mike's death. My editor, Chris, died midway through the series and the last three books were published by  Hyperion. My plan was to continue the series with Mike as a ghost who advised Quin, stuck by her. But by book 10, Mistress of the Bones, I was hungry for a change.  All 10 books are on Amazon.

In between the Quin/McCleary books, I wrote under another name, Alison Drake (by then, mysteries by women were outselling mysteries by men, so it was okay to be female!). There were 4 books under that name. The most significant aspect in those books was the creation of  Tango Key, an island 12 miles west of Key West, where the anomalous geography is as mysterious as the island's legends and lore of mermaids, UFOs, converging ley lines,  ghosts and hauntings.  The place was convincing enough so that I received mail from a Floridian, who informed me that although she loved the books, my research was awful. "There are no hills and cliffs in the Florida keys.  Come on down sometime and see for yourself."

The first book in the  series I wrote as Alison Drake, Tango Key, is available on Amazon.

The other books in that series are: Fevered, Black Moon, High Strangeness

When Alison Drake had lived out her life, I used Tango Key in other books: in the Mira Morales series. There were 5 books in this series - The Hanged Man, Black Water, Total Silence, Category Five, and Cold As Death.  These books are also available  on Amazon.


Lagoon has a special place in my heart. It was written while I was pregnant with my daughter.  It was inspired by Rupert Sheldrake's theory  of morphic resonance - i.e., that nature has a memory. 


A synopsis:

Snuggled amid the pine-covered hills of northern Georgia is the picturesque town of Lagoon - nature at its best. Yet, deep within the recesses of the town, something strange and unspeakable is incubating - in the soil, the water, the air. It festers beneath the skin of the villagers, silent, patient.

When it's born, it will defy the laws of nature. If survivors re to win their battle against this malignant scourge, they must uncover its cause. Is it the inevitable price of pollution? A virulent new virus? Or something more terrifying?

Nature has a memory...and it does not forgive...


Time Travel Novels

In Black Water, the second book in the Mira Morales series,  Mira's daughter  is abducted and taken back to 1968, through nature's black hole - a black water mass that has formed off the coast of Tango Key.

Kill Time and Running Time were great fun to write. These two books feature the same characters, Nora McKee and Alex Kincaid.


TJ MacGregor books:

Quin St. James/Mike McCleary
  • Dark Fields – 1986 – Ballantine
  • Kill Flash – 1987 –  Ballantine
  • Death Sweet – 1988 – Ballantine
  • On Ice – 1989 – Ballantine
  • Kin Dread – 1990 – Ballantine
  • Death Flats – 1991 – Ballantine
  • Spree – 1992 – Ballantine
  • Storm Surge – 1993 – Hyperionn
  • Blue Pearl – 1994 – Hyperion
  • Mistress of the Bones – 1995 – Hyperion

The Tango Key Series with Mira Morales

  • Hanged Man – 1999 – Pinnacle
  • Black Water – 2003 – Pinnacle
  • Total Silence – 2004 – Pinnacle
  • Category Five – 2005 – Pinnacle
  • Cold as Death – 2006 – Pinnacle

Stand-Alone Thrillers

  • The Seventh Sense – 2000 – Pinnacle
  • Vanished – 2001-     Pinnacle          
  • The Other Extreme – 2001- Pinnacle
  • Out of Sight – 2002 - Pinnacle
  • Kill Time – 2007 - Pinnacle
  • Running Time - 2008 - Pinnacle 
  • U R Mine - 2016 - Crossroad Press
  • Skin Shifters - 2018 - Crossroad Press

As Alison Drake

  • Tango Key – 1988  - Ballantine
  • Fevered – 1988 - Ballantine –
  • Black Moon – 1989 - Ballantine
  • High Strangeness – 1992 - Ballantine 
  • Lagoon (horror) – 1990 - Ballantine

As Trish Janeshutz

  • In Shadow – 1985 - Ballantine 
  • Hidden Lake – 1987 - Ballantine
  • The Making of Miami Vice, co-author Rob MacGregor  – 1986 - Ballantine 

As Trish J MacGregor

- 2010  - TOR/Forge
       Ghost Key  - 2012 - TOR/Forge
        Apparition-  2013 - TOR/Forge

The other day I received an email from a reader asking about a plot in a book I wrote 20 years ago.  A question about the fine points in a plot. I had no clue what this woman was talking about.  There are some novels I've written where certain aspects of the characters or plot are retained, but for the most part, I forget all of it as soon as the book is finished.

Yet, when  I'm writing, I keep meticulous notes and create an elaborate storyboard. I even have a computer file called archived novels, that has most of the novels I've written. But my brain refuses to keep it all in sequence.  I wish I knew how really prolific authors -  Nora Roberts, Stephen King,  Dean Koontz -  seem to keep  it all in some tidy mental box. Their brains are obviously much larger than mine!

For a list of non-fiction books that my husband, Rob MacGregor, and I have written, click here.